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Tracking Registrant Invitations

June 3, 2020

Referrers, by navigating to Referrals, can check the status of any recent registrant emails.

When you invite registrants to book one of your services on Caredove, you want to ensure they receive the invitation.

Unfortunately, it’s often something as simple as a small spelling error that can prevent an invitation from going through. Often, in this case, it may take days to realize that an error has been made. By that time, the invitation could be nearing expiry and/or it could cause significant delays to your workflow by having to follow-up again and/or to not get booked quickly.

That’s why Caredove makes it easier than ever to monitor and control emails. Email is now tracked with an email badge, as shown below.

Wondering why you might not be receiving Caredove emails? Check out our tutorial. Need to change or update your email address? Learn how.

If you have a feature request, please send us a message via our chat box.

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