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Developer Relations Engineer

Caredove is a health care software platform for connecting patients with home care and community services. We want to bring a consumer-oriented approach where our users love what we build. We have about 18 staff in our team, mostly in Ontario. With our software we have helped over four hundred thousand patients access health care in Canada, from newborns needing health screening, to seniors accessing home care. We have only scratched the surface of what we can do.

The company is based in Orillia Ontario, however, most of us work remotely, most of the time. You can too if that is best for you.

The Opportunity - Developer Relations Engineer

We are excited about building Caredove and are looking for a highly-skilled, passionate, and thoughtful Developer Relations Engineer. This person is responsible for strategically important integration projects and priority developer partner relationships within the Caredove platform’s ecosystem. You are the internal advocate for Caredove’s developer customers, and possess technical and communication skills that help Caredove’s development team prioritize and build the Caredove API efficiently.

Caredove’s public API is an important part of the Caredove platform. Developer relations at Caredove is the intersection between engineering, product and marketing - helping to ensure that Caredove’s API gets used frequently and effectively.

You will play an important role in designing and architecting our Developer Relations Program. You will need to interact with the integration partner, healthcare community members, and build support resources. You will be involved with requirements gathering for new integrations, where necessary. You will work closely with the senior engineers and CTO of Caredove. Your work will reflect Caredove to the outside world as other systems will integrate using the API's which we built.

These are still the early days for developer relations at Caredove. We are looking for somebody with the capacity and autonomy to build out the meaning of “developer relations” at Caredove, and make the role their own.

Our Tech Stack compromises of PHP, Node, React, Java, Python, Postgres and our applications are deployed in AWS cloud infrastructure. Our development process is based on agile, supported with Jira/Confluence. We continuously improve our tech processes.

As Developer Relations Engineer, you will:

  • Collaborate with integration partners to ensure API implementation success.
  • Build resources that help integrators succeed, including self-serve tools. Caredove’s current API documentation (built in Stoplight) can be found at 
  • Perform business process analysis to effectively scope integration problems within the healthcare ecosystem in which Caredove operates.
  • Ensure developer relations priorities and performance aligns with Caredove strategic goals.
  • Engineer projects from end-to-end as the key person responsible for successful solutions.
  • Effectively communicate your API design concepts to stakeholders with thoughtfulness and confidence. This includes interacting with the development team constantly, understanding technical constraints and finding room to create solutions while building an understanding of the code base.
  • Effectively consider the technical implications of design decisions (e.g., coding complexity, performance).
  • Support the coding/development of APIs.
  • Be highly proficient in collaborative API design, publishing and testing tools like Postman, OpenAPI, Stoplight, etc...
  • Participate in the HL7 FHIR Canadian + global community.

You will be a great fit for this position if you:

  • Unfazed by ambiguity, often offering solutions that are not immediately evident to others.
  • Are a strong collaborator with an ability to work with teammates to scope and solve complex problems.
  • Are passionate about APIs and the potential that they unlock.
  • Have experience creating APIs from conception to launch and after. 
  • Are obsessive about building resources and processes to help people help themselves.
  • Have worked on complex projects and products with workflow design challenges.
  • Love connecting with the people who use our API.
  • Have passion for our mission of connecting people with care. 
  • Love what you do and are hungry to learn new skills. 
  • You are highly motivated and conscientious. 

Bonus Points for:

  • Knowledge of health care or community service sector
  • Speaking and writing French
  • Familiarity with HL7 FHIR

Why Join Caredove:

We are a small but growing team, and our roles and responsibilities are still a little bit fluid depending on the pressures of the day. We hold each other up, we make tough decisions together, we brainstorm regularly, we value “team” over “ego”, we give and take constructive criticism, we celebrate success, we get it done, we mentor, we wear hoodies AND suits. We avoid report writing, long emails, and using business jargon. We try to live healthy lives. 

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