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DevOps Specialist

Why work at Caredove?

The main reason people love working at Caredove is the impact they can have on thousands of patients and healthcare providers.

Have you ever lived through the process of getting a referral to an important health care service? The waiting, the phone tag, the mystery, the anxiety ... almost everybody has a horror story. We created Caredove to take the pain out of accessing home care and community services.

The Product - Caredove

It's really hard to connect with home care and community services, so people struggle even though there are health services out there that can help them. Caredove was built to make it easy to connect with these services.

Caredove is an online referral management platform that helps people search, book, and connect with home care and community services.

We want to bring a consumer-oriented approach to providing health care software, where our users love using what we build. We are excited about building Caredove and are looking for team members who share our passion for helping people who need care. We develop software that pays attention to the big and small details of people's experience when getting new health care services.

The Opportunity - DevOps Specialist

Caredove is seeking a DevOps Specialist to join our team. You will be working in a variety of application development related activities, in a startup atmosphere. Our application is growing rapidly in scale and functionality. The ideal candidate will be adept in database optimization, server architecture optimization, and guiding a team to apply strong development processes (git, code reviews, continuous deployment, pipelines, test coverage, etc.)

  • Liaise between the development/product team and IT management team to develop processes which enable rapid and secure deployment of Caredove application updates.
  • Develop CI/CD pipelines with DevOps tools such as GitLab, Cypress, Docker, AWS, ECS, infrastructure as a service using Cloud Formation.
  • Architect development and server environments for reliable, secure and scalable application performance. Code systems within our core application. We currently work in React, PostgreSQL, python, Node.js, and leverage a variety of AWS services within a microservices framework.
  • Select new DevOps technologies
  • Automate, automate, automate
  • Build and support the automated testing infrastructure
  • Enhance our application and system architecture for scale
  • Implement high security infrastructure controls and audits
  • Provide guidance on Caredove's technical direction and architecture
  • Provide server support during various operations such as deployment and general production
  • Support agile development processes
  • Monitor system processes and performance

You will be a great fit for this position if you:

  • are motivated by doing quality work
  • have strong knowledge of continuous integration processes and technologies
  • are proficient with APIs / microservices architecture
  • have knowledge of AWS services
  • you are effective at collaborating in the virtual, dispersed working environment
  • have an independent streak
  • have experience in agile/lean development methodologies
  • have experience interfacing with third-party APIs and frameworks with ReSTful JSON APIs
  • have experience with high-security software architecture handling sensitive information
  • have excellent communication skills

Bonus Points for:

  • experience with HL7 FHIR or related standards
  • health industry experience
  • experience integrating with healthcare applications/EMRs
  • speaking & writing in French

This role may not be a good fit for you if:

  • you need somebody staring over your shoulder and micromanaging you to be productive
  • you want to be a cog in the wheel
  • you don’t want to be challenged by hard problems

End Notes...

We are a small but growing team, and our roles and responsibilities are fluid depending on the pressures of the day. We are learning constantly, we hold each other up, we make tough decisions together, we brainstorm regularly, we value “team” over “ego”, we give and take constructive criticism, we celebrate success, we get it done, we mentor, we wear hoodies AND suits, we avoid report writing, long emails, and PowerPoint at all costs. We try to live healthy lifestyles.

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