Meals on Wheels in Petrolia

Providing nutritionally balanced meals to seniors and persons with disabilities in Petrolia, ON. Meals can be prepared fresh or frozen, and are delivered by a volunteer who also conducts a friendly safety check. Special diet options are available. Select "Check Availability" to see if these services are offered at your home address.

Lambton Elderly Outreach

Local not-for-profit agency providing a wide range of community support services.
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Why Meals on Wheels?

Meal preparation can be hard for seniors, frail elderly and persons with disabilities. In order to ensure they are getting nutritionally balanced meals every day, Meals on Wheels programs prepare fresh and frozen meals that are easy to heat and serve. This is a great way for long-distance family members to achieve peace of mind that their relative is safe and getting proper meals within Sarnia-Lambton county.

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