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About Us

Learn more about why we stared Caredove and hear what organizations using Caredove have to say about the tool!

About Caredove

Why Caredove?

After many years in the health care sector, our founders discovered two problems that we bumped up against time and time again:

  1. It’s really hard to find home and community care services (mainly due to complex service coverage areas)
  2. If you can find the service, it’s really hard for clinicians to connect their client to other health care services (mainly due to phone tag that occurs after a referral is sent).

So we decided to do something about it and we created Caredove.

We are driven by one purpose: make it easy for professionals to find and connect their patients with the care they need, the kind of care that helps them remain independent, supported, and healthy.

Who uses Caredove?

Caredove serves a variety of client types:

  • ‍Insurers/Payers - Keep your clients out of expensive hospital visits by connecting them with helpful home care & community services.
  • Health Service Networks/Systems - Simplify the referral process to services in your network.
  • Care Coordinators - Easily find & book services, and monitor the progress of the referral.
  • Associations - Publish a branded search site to help people find your members’ services.
  • Hospitals - Reduce re-admissions by ensuring you patient is booked into community services before leaving the hospital.
  • Primary Care - Connect patients with services and classes to help manage their chronic conditions.
  • Patients And Caregivers - Find and connect to services that can help keep you healthy at home.
  • Home Care & Community Service Providers - Promote your services, and dramatically simplify your intake process
What Our Clients Have To Say is an innovative and effective tool to simplify and connect people to our services. Working with the Caredove team has been a fantastic experience. Their creativity and attention to detail ensures that what is needed is reflected in the final product.
Crystal H., A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA
From the moment we started working with Caredove, we felt like a priority customer. They took the time up front to really understand our program needs so we could immediately implement the system and then focus on customizing/improving features as we gained experience. The Caredove team has been incredibly responsive and also seeks their customers’ feedback for their own process improvements. Highly recommended!
Trisha S, Tri-Regional Infant Hearing Screen Program
Caredove has been an enormously useful tool for our referral partners to more easily connect our clients to our services, at their convenience. Caredove streamlines the customer service experience, reducing unnecessary delays in accessing service, as well as back and forth phone tag as clients can book appointments through referral partners and our front office staff directly into their worker’s calendars. Caredove has also been extremely responsive to our requests to customize the system to make it more user friendly for our purposes.
Rosalind H, Director of Engagement and Responsiveness, Community Support Connections, Meals on Wheels and More
We even use Caredove during the intake appointment, when we book the client into the next step - a home visit with the supervisor. Supervisors save time because they don’t have to hunt down the client to arrange the visit. It organizes the client supervisor’s day for them, like having their own personal secretary.
Suzanne, CHATS
"Caredove has enabled quick, confident transitions to community programs in Waterloo Wellington since 2013. It has simplified the process for referrers and eliminated delays and confusion."
Dr. Mohamed Alarakhia Director, eHealth Centre of Excellence Family Physician, Kitchener, ON