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We believe that everyone should be able to easily connect and engage with the care that helps them remain independent and healthy at home.

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We build software that helps
community health agencies

How we got here

Caredove founders Jeff Doleweerd and Tim Berezny spent thousands of hours examining how patients access home care and community services. They saw the same problems over and over - intake staff were overwhelmed while triaging referrals, voicemails and faxes would pile up, and patients wouldn't get connected with care. Caredove was created in 2012 to solve these problems.

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Caredove has enabled quick, confident transitions to community programs in Waterloo Wellington since 2013. It has simplified the process for referrers and eliminated delays and confusion.
From the moment we started working with Caredove, we felt like a priority customer. They took the time up front to really understand our program needs. Highly recommended!
Caredove has been an incredible time saver for our staff. Caredove has also been extremely responsive to our requests to customize the system to make it more user friendly for our purposes.
We even use Caredove during the intake appointment, when we book the client into the next step. It organizes the client supervisor’s day for them, like having their own personal secretary.
An innovative and effective tool to simplify and connect people to our services. Working with the Caredove team has been a fantastic experience.
Simple, efficient, easy to navigate for resources.
So easy to use and awesome to be able to do a warm handoff to other organizations!

Partner Organizations

We are proud to work with the following organizations, and more than 700 others across Canada. Every eReferral sent through Caredove means a seamless transition in a client's health care journey, keeping them safe, healthy and happy at home.

Affiliations & Achievements

Caredove has partnered with the following associations to provide premium services to their clients.

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Join the 800+ organizations across Canada in using Caredove to create trusted networks of care partners with secure and easy to use tools.