Solutions for Mental Health & Addictions

Connect clients to a network of supportive organizations, virtually or in person.

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We make it easy.

Enabling a coordinated response across multiple mental health organizations can seem impossible. Caredove helps local leaders collaborate with other local organizations to offer a streamlined set of services to the public.

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Optimize your public access process for collective counselling appointments and streamline intake workflows.
Complicated stepped care programs can also use Caredove's Central Intake feature to advertise a single door approach for a network of mental health and addictions services.

Collaborate with other community organizations in a single network

Build your network

Build a collaborative referral network by coordinating mental health and addictions services across a group of local organizations. Allow the public to access appointment times across all counsellors and therapists from a single website.

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Each organization can have its own services, calendar and unique workflow
Create unique referral forms for different services
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Network leaders can run activity reports across all organizations

Book Appointments

Playing phone tag is stressful, so we help make it easy for clients to see what services are available, and when. Allow your intake staff or therapists to publish appointment times so clients can send a booked appointment request.

Publish daily intake appointments, or ongoing same-day therapy sessions
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Therapists create their own schedule and can specify languages and therapy topics available during appointments
Customize appointment locations for in-person, phone, or virtual sessions

Streamline Intake

Take the stress off your intake staff by streamlining their workflow. With booked appointments, routing features, advanced inbox flags and outcome statuses, make sure that no referral gets missed, and your team never burns out.

Publish appointment times on multiple websites for greater service visibility, but receive all requests in the same unified referral inbox
Allow Central Intake staff to route referrals on to the correct partner agency, enabling end-to-end client journey communication
Permissions-based access helps you keep PHI secure
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Improve Marketing

You might need a new website that shows your collaborative approach to mental health access. Caredove can help you create a beautiful, accessible and easy-to-edit website that can be marketed across all partner organizations and related social media channels.

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Accessibility features ensure inclusive experiences for everyone
Quickly create multi-language responsive websites and landing pages for network projects
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Gain access to Caredove's marketing pros for SEO best practices and graphics support

Mental health access, simplified.

Caredove has helped provide brief counselling and streamlined mental health intake for more than 10,000 Canadians since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Counselling Connect provides quick access to a free phone or video counselling session, available in English and French.

AccessMHA makes it easier to help find free mental health and/or substance use/addiction support, services, and care.

Connecting Calgary's communities with affordable and barrier-free access to phone or video counselling sessions.

Download Our Free Mental Health Network Playbook

Coordinating Access to Community Mental Health
& Addictions Organizations is a 20 page guide for local leaders, thoughtfully authored by our team of community care experts and the architects of dozens of mental health networks across the country.