Caredove Connect

Integrate Caredove with the applications you use

The Caredove Connect program integrates Caredove with other applications commonly used by home and community care service providers and their referring partners. More integrations will continue to be added to the Caredove Connect library.

Caredove API

build a new integration

The Caredove API allows you to build an integration to send eReferrals to Caredove, retrieve received eReferrals from Caredove, and synchronize with Caredove search directory.Learn More >>

Canadian HL7 FHIR eReferral Specification


Do everything you can do with the Caredove API, but with the Canadian HL7 FHIR eReferral specification standards. Learn More >>


Case Management

Receive your Caredove referrals directly in your AlayaCare inbox. Learn More >>

Ocean (coming soon)


Send eReferrals to Caredove supported services, initiated from within the Ocean platform. Learn More >>

Receive your Caredove referrals directly in your AlayaCare inbox. Learn More >>

CHRIS (coming Fall 2020)

Case Management

Launch the Caredove platform and pre-populate Caredove eReferral forms with CHRIS data. Learn More >>



Submit Caredove eReferral data to a SmileCDR FHIR data repository. Learn More >>


Content Management

Install Caredove search & book buttons directly on your organization's WordPress website. Referrers and clients can easily send referrals to your organization, all to be received in your Caredove inbox. Learn More >>

Strata Health (coming soon)


Send eReferrals to Caredove supported series, initiated from within Strata Health. Learn More >>


Secure file transfer

Receive your referrals securely into your SFTP folder. Learn More >>

Microsoft Outlook

Secure email

Receive your referrals securely to your MS Outlook inbox, encrypted with GPG. Learn More >>

Apple Mail

Secure email

Receive your referrals securely to your Apple Mail inbox, encrypted with GPG. Learn More >>

How do integrations work?

The key to building a non-siloed health care system in Ontario is interoperability and communication across all digital tools.

Caredove is able to utilize currently deployed technology in regions through our standards based HL7 FHIR API. Caredove’s CTO Tim Berezny “wrote the book” on the eReferral specification for eHealth Ontario and is a leading expert on eReferral specifications. We are dedicated to leveraging current and existing technological infrastructures including EMRs, HIS’s and other eReferral solutions to ensure front line staff experience smooth workflow.

Interoperability lets you open an email using Outlook, even though it was sent with Gmail. Similarly, Caredove is able to integrate with any digital tool or vendor adhering to the eHealthOntario’s eReferral specification through our standards basedHL7 FHIR API.

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