Send a Caredove referral directly from CHRIS

Refer online to home and community care services found in Caredove with pre-populated client and user data from the CHRIS client profile.

No switching systems, no double data entry.

Latest Updates

We are rapidly enabling the Caredove & CHRIS integration in Ontario. Check here for the latest news and updates from across the province.

3 regions fully launched

Every week, North East, Champlain, and Waterloo-Wellington Home and Community Care Support Services staff are using the integration to send referrals to more than 55 community support organizations.

25+ categories
of care

Home and Community Care Support Services staff are sending referrals to over 25 categories of care, the most popular of which are Housekeeping, Meals on Wheels, and services for people with dementia.


Sending a referral through Caredove takes about 60 seconds. When sending a referral, Home and Community Care Support Services staff can book into available intake appointments so everyone knows who will help the client and when.

Client Feedback from Integration Users

A great resource

"I do believe that Caredove is a great resource and referral portal."

Care Coordinator
Home and Community Care Support Services Champlain


"Linking with CHRIS makes the referring process much more efficient."

Care Coordinator
Home and Community Care
Support Services Champlain


"The integration appeared seamless which also instilled confidence that the recipient receives the referral without any delay."

Care Coordinator
Home and Community Care Support Services Champlain

Seamless client connection to community care

Select Caredove from the action menu in your CHRIS client profile. This will launch Caredove's local home and community service finder directly in your CHRIS platform.

Find and book local services

Relevant services will display based on the client's address in CHRIS. Book the client into an intake appointment time, where available.

Pre-populated referral forms

Once the service and appointment time have been selected, the client's data from CHRIS will automatically populate the Caredove referral form, including name, birth date, alternate contact information, and more. More information, including attachments, can be added to the form.

Track all referrals with CHRIS notes

Once the referral has been sent, Caredove's copy and paste feature allows you add relevant notes to the client's CHRIS profile so you know when and where referrals were sent.


Watch the integration in action

Create a seamless workflow by sending Caredove referrals directly from the CHRIS platform

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Integrate with Caredove today.

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