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Find out more about the Caredove work environment and how you might fit in!

About Caredove

Why work at Caredove?

There is the pay and the perks, but the main reason people love working at Caredove is the impact they can have on thousands of patients and healthcare providers.

Have you ever lived through the process of getting a referral to an important health care service? The waiting, the phone tag, the mystery, the anxiety ... almost everybody has a horror story. We created Caredove to take the pain out of health care referrals and accessing community health care.

How do we work?

Sure we have an office, but what would you do without your daily commute?  Most of us work remotely, while still being a fully engaged member working in depth with our team. We are on video calls daily, and use all of the best modern online collaboration software to keep us productive and engaged. When we travel, it’s usually to see our healthcare agency customers or to have a team retreat.

Available Positions
Ontario (working remotely)
Lead Web Developer

As a Web Development Lead reporting to the CTO, you will be a key member of a small team building great software. You will be working in a variety of application development related activities, in a startup atmosphere. Once you've got your bearings with our software, you will eventually lead your own agile team of 4-6 developers, building the team into a cohesive well-oiled machine. In addition to developing the application itself, you will be enhancing our agile development process infrastructure, and helping to implement new technologies to improve our develop-build-test-ship-evaluation cycles.

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Ontario, Canada
Director of Customer Success - Caredove Canada

We want to bring a consumer-oriented approach to providing health care software, where our users love using what we build. We are excited about building Caredove, and looking for team members who share our passion about helping patients get the care they need, close to home. We are known for extraordinary customer service. This job is part of a team based in the Greater Toronto Area.

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