Send a Caredove referral directly from Ocean

Refer online to home and community care services found in Caredove with pre-populated client and user data from the Ocean client profile.

No switching systems, no double data entry.

The Ontario eServices Program created the System Coordinated Access Program (SCA) to help coordinate access to health services.

The current SCA Program with Ocean focuses on Diabetes, Orthopedic Specialists, and Chronic Disease Prevention & Management. For other eReferral flows to community support services, the SCA leverages Caredove as the preferred SCA ecosystem partner and best-of-breed solution for this sector. This includes a full integration with Ocean, enabling users to start a referral in Ocean, then be received by Community Support Service providers using Caredove and share referral status updates between systems. This approach is consistent with the eHealth Ontario provincial strategy for eReferrals.

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“One of the goals of the SCA program is to leverage innovative technology solutions to create referral solutions across the province. In Waterloo Wellington, this particular solution is based on OceanMD’s successful Ocean platform, which will bring pre-existing referral processes and systems into a connected environment where information can flow and be distributed across the continuum of care.”
System Coordinated Access

“Caredove has enabled quick, confident transitions to community programs in Waterloo Wellington since 2013. It has simplified the process for referrers and eliminated delays and confusion.”

Dr. Mohamed Alarakhia, Director | eHealth Centre of Excellence, Kitchener, ON

What is Ocean?

System Coordinated Access has worked with OceanMD's product to enable primary care providers to send referrals. Ocean’s primary focus in System Coordinated Access is Orthopedic Specialists, Diabetes Management, and Chronic Disease Prevention and Management.

“CognisantMD is the nation’s leading provider of EMR-integrated patient engagement solutions. Using mobile devices and a cloud-based platform, Ocean allows patients and healthcare providers to securely share health information for clinical use, administration, referrals and research.”
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Caredove & Ocean

Caredove is an eReferral management system focused on the needs of the home and community sector. Primary care providers that use an Electronic Medical Record enabled with Ocean can, at the same time, leverage Caredove to send referrals to the community sector. From within the Ocean platform, users can:

The community service provider receives the referral in their Caredove inbox without any workflow disruption. Any updates the community service provider makes to the referral or the service listings will be immediately reflected in the Ocean platform.

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Integrate with Ocean today.

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