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Beautify access to your home and community services

Create a seamless workflow with a Caredove + AlayaCare integration

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Grow your business and streamline inbound referrals

Caredove provides AlayaCare customers with additional eReferral entry points to serve more clients and streamline intake.

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Receive online referrals from:

→ Your organization website
→ Franchise-finder map tools
→ Local service directories
→ Search engines
→ Regional Caredove networks
→ Trusted clinicians
→ Other community and home care providers
→ Integrated systems (e.g., EMRs)

Benefits to receiving referrals in Caredove

Stop duplicating client data from system to system. Streamline your referral access and management process so only qualified, admitted client data is populated in AlayaCare.


Watch the integration in action

See Caredove send referrals to the AlayaCare system across three eReferral entry points

Standard Integration

Manage inbound referrals from all entry points in your Caredove referral inbox. Triage and prioritize leads before pushing qualified client information into AlayaCare, or optionally send all new referral data directly into Alayacare, depending on your workflow. Import fields such as:

Meta Data

  • Transmission Date
  • Request Date

Client Demographics

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Birthday
  • Language
  • Email
  • Phone Main
  • Phone Other
  • Address 1 Suite
  • Address 1 Street
  • Address 1 City
  • Address 1 State Province
  • Address 1 Zip Postal Code
  • Address 1 Country
  • Health Card
  • Health Card Version

Request Details

  • Request Type (e.g. "Service Request")
  • Caredove Referral ID
  • Authored Date
  • Closed Date
  • Archived Date
  • Other External Identifiers (e.g. "CHRIS-123456")
  • Caredove Status
  • Caredove Sub Status
  • Caredove Full Status
  • Source
  • Questionnaire

Service Details

  • Service External ID
  • Service Name
  • Service Organization Name
  • Service Organization ID

Provider Details

  • Provider ID
  • Provider First Name
  • Provider Last Name
  • Provider Job Title
  • Provider Employer

Custom Integrations

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Integrate with Caredove today.

Contact the Caredove team to learn more about how our API integrates with AlayaCare, offering you a full suite of Case Management and intake tools.

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