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Do more with Caredove and AlayaCare

Caredove adds advanced eReferral and service marketing functionality to AlayaCare

AlayaCare and Caredove Integration Diagram

Add eReferral
Entry Points

Receive referrals via:

  • Your agency homepage
  • Regional Caredove search sites
  • HL7 FHIR API integrations
  • Search engines
  • Other Caredove integrations (eg., EMRs)

Enable Regional eReferral Networks

  • Join or lead regional eReferral initiatives
  • Add multi-agency central intake referral routing functionality to AlayaCare

Market Your

  • Search Engine Optimization for your services
  • Promote your services with optimized Google Ads
  • Find agency services in Caredove and other online directories

Watch the integration in action

See Caredove send referrals to the AlayaCare system across three eReferral entry points

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Integrate with Caredove today.

Contact the Caredove team to learn more about how our API integrates with AlayaCare, offering you a full suite of Case Management and intake tools.