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1 Easy Way To Increase Password Security [Infographic]

Jules Roebbelen
March 29, 2021

You are only as strong as the weakest link. The weakest team member, the weakest city gate, the weakest beam in a house.

The same goes for passwords.

Caredove is vigilant about security. We use password managers, API encryption and have staff testing for weaknesses on a regular basis. We use 2 factor authentication (2FA) on applications, on every device. No two passwords are the same, and no password could ever be guessed.

Despite all our security, we’re only as strong as your password.

Let’s be clear. Passwords with your mom’s maiden name or the address of the house you grew up in, are not secure. Passwords like misterfluffy123! Are. Not. Secure.

Unless you’re using a password manager and a random password generator like 1Password, your password is guessable and that is a massive weakness. If you’ve written your password in a notebook, that is a massive weakness. If you use the same password for everything, that is a massive weakness.

Be better.

To start, try using a password strength tester to see how strong your password is.

If your password is crummy, use a password generator. Get that and added password security at 1Password. We also encourage 2 factor authentication on all your devices. 1Password can help with that too.

Don't be the weakest link.

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