Caredove Partners with Canadian Frailty Network

Jeff Doleweerd
June 3, 2020

The Canadian Frailty Network (CFN) and The Geriatric Health Systems Research Group (@University of Waterloo), have collaborated with investigators across the country to support stronger primary care for older adults living with frailty. Caredove is proud to be a partner in this research initiative.  

Our referral management platform will be used by primary care clinicians to connect older adults with the community care they may need. Primary care networks and practices in Alberta and Quebec will engage with Caredove’s platform to send electronic referrals.

Your agency is a vital part in caring for at-risk older persons. Join us, it’s easy, and start receiving referrals. There is no charge to be part of this initiative.  

Visit our home page and select "Get Started" to request an account.

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