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December 8, 2020
What is Caredove?

Caredove is an eReferral management Software-as-a-Service platform designed to transform how access to home care and community services works for everyone involved. We are committed to helping people stay healthy and happy at home and improving connections across all health care transitions.

What can I do with Caredove?
Organizations Can:
  • Curate service listings to advertise your organization's services and receive quality referrals
  • Allow the public to request service using Caredove referral buttons on your website
  • Streamline intake & receive booked referrals with Caredove Calendars
  • Manage your incoming & outgoing referrals using the referral inbox
  • Compare services and incoming referrals over time using Caredove Reports
  • Build a new website with Caredove's WebBuilder, seamlessly linked to your Caredove services
  • Use other Developer Integrations to receive your referrals directly in your Client Management System or EHR

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Networks Can:
  • Build a referral network of trusted local agencies to enable referral sending among partners
  • Use our advanced marketing tools to advertise your project with a custom WebBuilder site
  • Invite trusted clinicians to send referrals through your network
  • Track network health and referral activity with Caredove Reports

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Who uses Caredove?
  • Service Providers who want to capture high quality referrals, streamline their intake processes and connect clients with home care and community support services (Meals on Wheels, Personal Support, Counselling, etc.)
  • Referring Sources who connect clients with care outside of their own organization (discharge planners, social workers, GPs, etc.)
  • Caregivers & Clients looking to connect with care
  • Networks that connect multiple organizations and services to each other to allow easy referring and outcome tracking
Why Caredove?

Goodbye messy forms, faxes and phone tag. Hello referral simplicity.

When a caregiver, client or clinician can send a referral with an appointment date and time, there is no mystery about who is going to help, and when. Caredove works with thousands of agencies everyday, and we bring that experience to every new organization looking to streamline their intake processes. With Caredove, you're not only listing your services or receiving booked referrals, you're also improving your workflow from start to finish.

Is Caredove Secure?

Absolutely. Our security and privacy policies can be found at

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