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8 Questions About Your Referability Score

Jules Roebbelen
August 4, 2021

Providing you with a trusted network of referrers is Caredove’s number one job so you can serve more clients and streamline your intake process.

Your referability factor, however, is up to you.

What is referability?

We think of referability as how easy it is for clinicians to refer their patients to your organization, and how well you handle those incoming referrals.

  • Does your organization make it a pleasant process, a process that referrers would like to do again for future clients?
  • Do you respond quickly and effectively to each incoming referral?
  • How many referrals lead to failure, where the client never gets started with service?
  • Do you even get referrals from clinicians?

If the answer to the last question is, no, then chances are your referability score is very low.

What makes a service more referable? Think about these questions as you aim to improve your referability score.

Search-ability: How easy is it to find your services?

1. Do you have an SEO optimized website that is easy to navigate, where each service is clearly described?

2. Do you clearly state program eligibility, cost and wait times to avoid getting ineligible referrals?

People looking for care will most often head to the internet before the phone book. Make sure your website is always up to date with your current information and instructions on how to access the service.

Availability: When can you see the client?

3. Do you know when your staff do their intake appointments?

4. How long does each intake appointment take?

5. Can your reception book appointments when people call in asking about services?

6. Can anyone else book your intake staff for a call back (or home visit, or whatever the first step is)?

If you think that your staff are always available, think twice. Your staff are dealing with other clients, volunteers, on the phone with others, or taking their much needed breaks. Ask them how often they check for new referrals left in their voicemail or email inbox.

Dependability: How quickly do you close the loop on your appointments?  

7. Do you let referrers know the outcome of their referral?

8. If so, how? A phone call? A fax? An email? Is this a reliable process?

Greater referability means closing the loop on all referrals, so clinicians continue to refer to you and more patients experience better transitions of care.

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