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Secure Email

Rachel Shelswell
March 29, 2021

How awesome would it be to receive your referral information directly to your email the moment you receive it?

Caredove now supports Secure Email, which utilizes end-to-end encryption to allow for safe & secure transmission of personal health information that only your mail client can view. Note that your organization must still have the appropriate policies in place to ensure that your email environment is secure once it’s arrived, but Caredove will make sure it’s secure in transmission to your inbox.

Learn more about setting up Secure Email

We take security seriously at Caredove which is why this was such an important update for us. We want to ensure you feel secure at every step of the process within the Caredove platform. Securing email was our newest element involved in that objective.

If you have a feature request, please send us a message via our chat box.

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