Building a Referral Network for your OHT

The problems with service access and patient transitions have been well documented in Ontario. Solving these problems is going to take new organizational models, like Ontario Health Teams and modern health care technologies, like Caredove.

Ontario Health Teams have ambitious goals. Some of these goals involve improving availability to service. This could be providing 24/7 navigation, or helping a vulnerable population have greater accessibility to services. Caredove’s platform contains over 800 referrable community organizations, with thousands of services bookable across Ontario. Each OHT is eligible to leverage these services to build and promote your trusted local OHT network.

Here are some of the most common questions OHTs have been asking us:
Why would I want to build a trusted network for my OHT, in Caredove?
Clients referred across a Caredove network will know who is helping them, and when. This reduces confusion for clients and clinicians alike. 

OHTs are a perfect example of a network where streamlined transitions are important. They are organizations working together to solve hard navigational problems. When they create a Caredove network, they have assembled a trusted set of local services. These services can be promoted in various health care channels including referring clinical information systems, public websites and within Caredove across all OHT network members.
Can an organization be in more than one network? 
Yes. An organization can be in several Caredove networks. An organization’s services will instantly appear in any Ontario Health Team or regional network they are a part of, allowing them to receive referrals in the same referral inbox, from more partners.
How do services in the network stay up to date? 
Each organization has the ability to add and edit their own services within the Caredove platform. The Caredove team will help organizations clearly communicate each of their services within our taxonomy of home and community care categories.
Our OHT partners offer a wide range of services. Which ones should we promote to the public?
We often suggest starting by promoting the lowest barrier services with the highest coverage across the region, like Meals on Wheels or Walk-In Counselling, and working your way up to services of higher intensity that require a more complicated intake process.

Every network is different, and we can promote any group of services your OHT wants to prioritize in Years 1 and 2.
In our area, there are multiple organizations that serve the community with overlapping boundaries. How will this be handled?
If organizations have overlapping boundaries, all relevant results will show up when a client enters an address in the search site. This will give clients the option to choose which organization they prefer. It’s important for organizations to update their service information within the Caredove system so your OHT is promoting accurate services with current availability and the languages in which service is delivered.
Does Caredove allow organizations to track how much time is spent in intake appointments? What other metrics can be reported on?
Caredove’s reporting module covers most metrics required by funders and managers. Organizations can run a report on the number of booked appointments within a certain time period. 

All referral metadata can be exported into a spreadsheet to track referral outcomes and specific demographic information, which is important for Patient Navigation Specialists who are monitoring activity across the entire OHT network.
Is Caredove PHIPA compliant?
Caredove is fully PHIPA, PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant, meeting all Canadian and American health care privacy standards. Our servers are hosted by AWS in Montreal, so data entered into Caredove never leaves Canada. More information is available at
Can we refer to other organizations in our network on behalf of a client?
Yes! Organizations can send referrals to other organizations within the Caredove system. You can even send referrals to organizations in other networks, like nearby OHTs and other regional initiatives.
How do I know what happened to a referral that I sent?
The sending organization will receive updates on the referral outcome, closing the loop on the client’s care status. This is also true for clinicians sending referrals from external systems, like OCEAN or CHRIS.
Our organization has limited staff resources right now. How long will training take?
The last thing organizations want is more time away from providing direct care. The platform is extremely intuitive and easy to use. 95% of staff new to sending referrals require no extra training. If they know how to book a hotel online, they can send a referral in Caredove. 

Staff who receive referrals can be trained in under an hour. They will learn to update their services, create intake appointments and update referral statuses. 

Organizations can instantly update their service information and appointment availability at any time. You can quickly suspend your service if you are at capacity, or update your service with waitlist times. 

Organization training sessions are conducted via Zoom, and can be recorded for staff members that are unable to attend.
Won’t receiving referrals in Caredove add more handling time for my staff?
No! In fact, for every 10 referrals that start with a booked appointment, intake staff will save roughly 4 hours of time and phone tag will be reduced to almost zero.
We need help! How does your customer support work?
Caredove has an instant chat feature available to any user logged onto the platform. Our Operations team (real humans!) responds in under 5 minutes during regular business hours. They get to know each organization receiving referrals, personally. 

For after-hours support, Caredove has a suite of tutorials to help users perform any activity on the platform.
How does Caredove handle confidentiality and consent for individuals under 18 that are requesting services?
Caredove understands that every organization has a unique workflow and requires different information to conduct successful intake appointments. Caredove can help handle child and youth referrals with customized eligibility, intake forms and multiple types of parent/guardian consent that are unique for youth intake processes.
Does Caredove integrate with existing client information systems?
Caredove has an open API (Application Programming Interface) which allows Caredove to send client data directly into another system, for example, a Case Management System (CMS). We have active integrations with case management systems and are happy to speak to any CMS vendor who wants to integrate with us.

Caredove also has a quick-action copy and paste button to copy client data directly to any organization’s client information system. This can be a helpful workaround before a true technical integration is complete, saving your staff time.
Do we need to sign a data sharing agreement amongst OHT partner organizations?
Caredove handles this so that you don't need a separate agreement. Gone are the days of driving around to organizations to sign a multi-organization agreement. Our platform builds in all the legal requirements for referral data sharing to make your legal review efficient and cost effective.

When an organization’s staff registers their account on the Caredove platform, they agree to the platform’s Terms & Conditions and Roles & Responsibilities based on their permissions within the platform. This is a legal agreement to safely handle client data that makes other referral data sharing agreements redundant. Learn more at
How much does a Caredove referral network cost?
Caredove is software as a service, with sophisticated infrastructure, integrations to other systems and near real-time support to users. We sustain the platform through an annual license fee. The fee is driven by the number of organizations in the Caredove network.  

A network of 15 organizations, which can transact unlimited referrals, costs less than one administrative support personnel. 

Contact to receive a custom proposal.
Who licenses Caredove in the context of an OHT?
One lead agency licenses Caredove on behalf of the network. 

Organizations that participate in a network are able to access all of Caredove’s standard features at no cost. This includes 7-day data retention, 5 users, standard referral forms and streamlining referrals internally and from the public via websites. 

Individual organizations can optionally upgrade to a Caredove Premium Subscription to further streamline intake processes across their organization (90-day data retention, additional users, access to advanced form library, central intake functionality, etc).
My OHT is interested in learning more about how a referral network would work for our specific needs. What are the next steps?
Contact to arrange a demo for your group.
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