Caredove and HIPAA

What is HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information is only applicable for United States customers.

Your Data Is Safe With Caredove

Caredove streamlines your intake flow, gets the "phone tag" out of referrals, and connects people to the home care and community services they need. What we don't do is put confidential patient data at risk.

We built Caredove from the ground up to protect data privacy and security. We've chosen to be compliant withHIPAA Regulations, even though HIPAA does not legally apply to Caredove. Caredove is not a conduit for clinical data. Caredove is a service that connects people with needed care and services. But because even medical appointment, scheduling and calendar data can be protected under HIPAA law, Caredove treats all data as highly confidential.

Caredove Complies with HIPAA Voluntarily

Although we work with many healthcare providers, Caredove provides its unique services on behalf of patients and consumers – not on behalf of healthcare providers. This puts Caredove outside of HIPAA. Nevertheless, Caredove has voluntarily complied with every HIPAA requirement possible, so you don't have to worry about data safety.

How Caredove Complies with HIPAA
What It Means
Risk Analysis
Caredove has studied internal and external risks to PHI and instituted steps to reduce data risk.
Privacy and Security Policies, Processes, Procedures
§164.316 and
Caredove has enacted all HIPAA-required practices designed to ensure safe data handling.
Privacy Personnel Designation
Caredove has designated a Privacy Officer to oversee and be responsible for data safety.
Workforce Training & Management
Caredove has trained all members of its workforce on handling data safely and securely.
Mitigation Procedures
Caredove has a process to mitigate any harmful effects from inappropriate data disclosure.
Data Safeguards: Administrative, Technical, Physical
Caredove has in place all the specific data safeguards called for in the HIPAA Regulations.
Breach Notification
HITECH §13402
Caredove has a process to notify affected parties in the unlikely event of a data breach.
Complaints Resolution Process
Caredove has a process to accept and resolve any data privacy or security complaints.
Documentation & Record Retention
Caredove retains all HIPAA compliance-related documentation for the required periods.
Caredove Complies with HIPAA to Help You Comply with HIPAA

Caredove's HIPAA compliance helps you remain HIPAA compliant. To maintain their own HIPAA compliance, HIPAA-regulated entities must ensure that any services they use – if they involve PHI – must hold to the same HIPAA standards that they do. With Caredove as your referral and intake engine, your HIPAA compliance -- like your patient data -- is safe and secure.

Caredove Signs Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) on Request

Some Caredove clients are subject to HIPAA, and may want a BAA with Caredove. For those organizations, we're ready. Caredove maintains a fully HIPAA-compliant BAA and signs BAAs upon request.

Your Data Is Safe and Secure with Caredove

Referrals flow better, and intake is easier with Caredove. But great service and benefits are not enough. Because Caredove complies with HIPAA's strict requirements for data protection, and because sensitive data is limited on our systems, you can depend on the privacy and security of your data with Caredove.