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Caredove's referral management platform helps hospitals, insurers and health systems create trusted networks of home care and community services.

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Book appointments and connect with confidence

Choose appointment times when sending referrals so there is no mystery about who is going to call and when. Receive email reminders and allow clients to cancel or reschedule their own appointments.

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Join or start a regional Caredove network to promote local services

Join an existing network, or start your own initiative with a group of partner organizations solving a local health care need. Your organization’s service listings receive more referrals organically by gaining exposure in every network that you join. Updates and appointment times are reflected in all places at once, ensuring each network has the most up to date information.

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Report on referral activity across your entire Network

Advanced reporting helps network leads track referral numbers and positive outcomes. Audit service coverage gaps and user activity to optimize the patient experience and network performance.

Leverage existing technology through integrations

A valuable and digitally mature OHT network will leverage existing successful technical infrastructures. Caredove excels at interoperability with other systems and has active integrations with CHRIS, Ocean, AlayaCare and more, ensuring easy alignment to future provincial health care navigation services.

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